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VŠĮ "Donelos Studio" / PI "Donela Studio"


Films made by Tomas Donela

Feature film "Atsisveikinimas / The Farewell - The Ballad of a Lucky Man" (2010)

Is it possible to be happy when one bids farewell? Is it possible to enjoy the moment, knowing that it will pass very soon? Is it true that the feeling of happiness can come only when you understand that you, perhaps, have managed to do what is most important?



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DVDrip (588MB .mp4 file) with English subtitles on Google Drive

Short "Berniukas ir Jūra /
The Boy and the Sea" (2006)


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Short "Išakėtas Krantas /
The Harrowed Coast" (1992)  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379323/


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The Harrowed Coast" (1992) . Part 1
The Harrowed Coast" (1992) . Part 2